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Q. Do I need a physician’s order to be admitted to the Green House homes?
A. Yes, you do need a physician to provide orders for admission to our Green
House homes and to continue overseeing your care while residing in our
Green House homes. Our Social Services staff can provide additional
information regarding the requirements by physicians and a list of physicians
that routinely come here.

Q. Is staff available 24 hours per day?
A. Yes, a Licensed Nurse is on duty at all times, and Certified Nursing Assistants
(called Shahbazim) provide personal care.

Q. How and when are meals served?
A. Each Green House home has a kitchen, where meals are prepared by the
Shahbazim. Elders living in the Green House home have access to food
whenever they wish. Breakfast is made to order and offered to elders upon
waking. Lunch and Dinner will be served at a time agreed upon by the elders
in the home. A long table in the dining room offers the opportunity for elders
and staff to eat and socialize together. With advance notice, guests are
welcome to join in the meal.

Q. What is included in the daily rate?
A. Room and board, basic nursing care and general toiletry items are
included in the daily rate. Items that are specific to the elder, such as
medications, oxygen, supplies, therapy services, beautician services, etc., are
not included in the daily rate.
at Clark-Lindsey.

Q. Do you offer therapy services in the Green House home?
A. Elders residing in our Green House homes may receive physical,
occupational, and speech therapies when ordered by the physician. When
eligible, insurance will be billed for these therapies. Arrangements for therapy
services will be made on an individual basis.

Q. Is cable television available?
A. Yes, each room has basic cable service which is included in the daily rate.
There is a television in the den.

Q. Is telephone service available in each elder room?
A. We recognize many have a cell phone and do not require additional phone
service, however land-line telephone service is available in each elder room
and included in the daily rate.

Q. Is transportation to medical appointments provided?
A. Transportation to local medical appointments will be provided to Elders
residing in our Green House homes.

Q. Is laundry service provided?
A. Personal laundry will be done by our Shahbazim, although Elders and their
families are welcome to use the laundry room if they prefer. Linens (sheets,
blankets, bedspreads, and towels) will be done by a laundry service. All is
included in the daily rate.

Q. Do elders have an opportunity to discuss and give input on relevant issues?
A. Yes! Elders and staff will have a weekly House Council meeting to discuss
issues surrounding their residency, such as food, meaningful
engagements, or other relevant issues.