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Core Values

Real Home, Meaningful Life, Empowered Staff

The mission of Clark-Lindsey is to engage the mind, spirit and body in wellness and community so that older adults may thrive.


Real Home is a physical environment designed to be more home than institutional. Ways in which residents and staff can partner together to achieve this are by:

  • Ensuring a commitment to a resident directed environment (i.e., menu selections and freedom to furnish and decorate their own living spaces)
  • Supporting direct and open access to areas both inside and outside
  • Removing institutional cues to the greatest extent possible
  • Creating an intentional community: (i.e., our two small homes)


Meaningful Life is different for every individual. It is fostered by close relationships, a philosophy of continued growth, and the opportunity to give back. Meaningful Life means each person is valued. This can be created through residents, staff and family partnering together to:

  • Nurture elder-directed relationships (i.e., consistent staff assignments provide the opportunity to deeply know each other)
  • Ensure that residents are well-known (i.e., resident’s life story, hobbies, and dining preferences are honored)
  • Commit to continuous elder-directed education for team members


Empowered Staff is based in a fundamental belief that direct care workers possess vital information about residents that only a close-relationship can engender. Thus, the organization must be structured to ensure elders and their care partners have a pivotal role in deciding how care is provided.

As a community that embraces wellness in its vision and culture, the core values of Meaningful Life, Real Home, and Empowered Staff support that vision and culture.


For More information about The Green House® Homes at Clark-Lindsey

To learn more about The Green House® Homes at Clark-Lindsey or to ask questions, please contact Kristy Stoker, Guide, at (217) 344-2144.