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About The Green House Homes


Maintaining the health and safety of our community is paramount at Clark-Lindsey. To learn more about the precautionary measures we are taking to protect our residents and staff from the novel coronavirus, click HERE.

The Green House Homes at Clark-Lindsey are part of the research driven Green House Project. Pioneers in aging services, Clark-Lindsey is the first to bring Green House Homes to Illinois on private land. Not only are the Green House Homes beautiful places to live, but the residents within them are proven to be happier and healthier. Research shows that Green House residents have four times more personal and social contact compared to residents of traditional nursing homes.

 The Green House model is a new way of doing long term care that is designed to look and feel like home, yet still meet regulatory requirements. A Green House home includes common areas with a family-like atmosphere where residents can socialize and eat a home-cooked meal. The small size and home layout with advanced staff training provide an opportunity for highly personalized care. Green House is a place where the people who live and work there can thrive and grow!

At the center of The Green House model is the elder, supported by a team of versatile workers, known as Shahbazim (plural for Shahbaz). A Shahbaz is a certified nurse assistant who receives additional education and training in order to support meaningful life for the Elders, as well as provides light housekeeping, personal laundry, and meal preparation in the home. A Shahbaz is charged with nurturing, sustaining, and protecting the elders living in the home, and plays a pivotal role in establishing and providing quality care by working as part of an empowered team together and in partnership with clinical experts. This collaborative environment provides the conditions necessary for elder-directed care and empowered staff!

Watch a short informational video about the role of the Shahbaz in the Green House homes by CLICKING HERE.

Life in a Green House home is organized around the needs and lives of the elders who live there. Because of the deep knowing relationship that the Shahbazim have with the Elders, each day is an opportunity for meaningful engagement and relationship building for all.

All Shahbazim must have completed an approved C.N.A. program and passed the Illinois Competency Exam and listed in the Illinois C.N.A. registry. They must complete all required training and participate in ongoing education as assigned.

All staff working in the Green House home receive initial CORE training on the Green House model, preparing them to work effectively in the homes, and to apply principles of the model in their work within the Green House philosophy. Shahbazim also receive training in CPR and First Aid, Culinary Skills (including ServSafe® certification), and household operations.

As a Shahbaz, you are part of a culture where you are empowered to make decisions!

CLICK HERE for More Information about The Green House Project.